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Mysterious Marvel characters deserve their own movies, in order

Marvel Comics has gone to great lengths in adapting their extensive roster of iconic characters for screen. Many appeared in huge tent poles, while others appeared on their many television shows. As surprising as it may sound, many of the characters have not made their first appearances in any media; When you have close to 70,000 characters in your library, you’re always bound to leave someone out.

From cosmic warrior Beta Ray Bill to space hero Sleepwalker, these characters bring something unique and exciting to the Marvel Universe. Some suffered from inner demons and psychic damage to their powers, while others fought supernatural and technological threats to save the world. Many of these superheroes offer new perspectives on heroism, identity, and empowerment and could help diversify the types of stories told in the MCU. Here are ten lesser-known Marvel characters who deserve their time in the spotlight.

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10 Watchman

Marvel comics

The Sentry is one of Marvel’s most mysterious characters. Presented as a hoax by telling everyone he was a Silver Age staple that everyone seemed to have forgotten, supposedly an archetype of Superman created by Stan Lee and Artie Rosen. The stunt was lifted, revealing that it was created by Paul Jenkins and Jay Lee in the late ’90s. The real story behind the character is dark, powerful, and intriguing. The vigilante is often portrayed as a conflicted personality with mental health issues. This makes it unique and interesting to be explored in a movie. With the character already becoming one of the most powerful mainstays in the comics, every intricacy related to this character is worth exploring, such as his schizophrenia and strange relationship with his archenemy, The Void. There is a big rumor that The Sentry is about to debut Lightning movies, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

9 Elsa Bloodstone

Elsa Bloodstone - Marvel comics
Marvel comics

Elsa Bloodstone is a monster hunter with legendary skills inherited from her father, Ulysses. She has all the traditional trappings of a monster hunter: a stake in her heart, a garlic around her neck, and a silver bow. But she also has some unique abilities, including the ability to see monsters even when she’s disguised as humans. Elsa is fierce and independent, but she’s not above teaming up with other monster hunters or superheroes on occasion when the situation demands it. Elsa is a fascinating character with a rich history, and there are many possibilities for her to explore regarding Marvel’s Monster-verse. We’d love to see her get a movie or special where she can shine as the tough monster hunter.

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8 sleepwalker

Marvel comics

Sleepwalker is a little-known character with enough knowledge to lead his own movie. Sleepwalker was created by Bob Budiansky and Bret Blevins, and first appeared in 1991. The character is an alter ego of Rick Sheridan, a college student who was experimented upon by the villain Spider’s Web. When Rick falls asleep, Sleepwalker takes over his body and fights in the Dreamworld; However, Sleepwalker does not know his true identity when he is awake.

Despite being relatively obscure, Sleepwalker has a lot going for it that makes him a potential movie hero. He has an impressive power pack that would pair well with some engrossing scenes on the big screen. Plus, his dual nature – part human and part Dreamworld entity makes for an interesting dynamic that could be explored in depth in a feature film. Finally, the fact that he could be more famous means there’s room to play around with his origin story without being beholden to the existing comics canon. It doesn’t hurt that he has close ties to Spider-Man, which makes him more interesting than a character with no name like “El Muerto.”

7 Miracle man

Marvel comics

Marvel’s version of Shazam, this character has been buried in legal shenanigans for years, making him one of the hot potatoes that Marvel was finally able to catch on by 2009. Created by Mick Anglo in 1954 as a response to DC’s copyright challenge to Captain Marvel’s name, Miracleman was first known as “Marvelman” and the character had a period of popularity until the 1960s when it declined and disappeared.

Brought to life in the ’80s by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, this powerful character is a Shazam archetype that goes beyond the usual scope of innocence envisioned by Big Red Cheese. Miracleman understands the world and the universe unlike any other being alive and sets out to make the world a better place no matter the cost. His adventures don’t take place in the central 616 universe, which makes him an excellent plotline for a separate entry in the MCU unrelated to anything else.

6 Supreme squadron

Marvel comics

The Squadron Supreme is a team of super-powered beings from an alternate universe that first appeared in 1985. The team consists of various archetypes with powers and abilities similar to members of DC’s Justice League, but with different names and origins. The team has been featured in several comics but has yet to receive the Hollywood treatment. The Squadron Supreme first met during a crisis on their world when a villain named Scarlet Centurion attempted to take over the world, and the Squadron solved the problem by creating the Utopia Initiative. The Supreme Squadron faced many challenges within its ranks and from other realities. They also have a rotating roster of members, including alternate versions of characters from different universes. If there is one team ready to explore the potential of the Multiverse Saga, this team has it all!

5 Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch)

Ghost rider
Marvel comics

As the nephew of the original Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch took up the mantle of the vengeful spirit after his uncle’s retirement. Unlike his predecessor, Ketch’s Ghost Rider was powered by Penance Stare: the ability to simultaneously make people feel the weight of all their sins in a single moment. This power made Danny a more effective fighter against evil, but it also made him a target for other supernatural entities who wanted to use his power for their own ends. This led to a series of adventures in which Ketch had to battle these forces and deal with his own demons.

Despite being one of Marvel’s mainstays in the ’90s, the character has faded into obscurity for quite some time. His unique abilities allow for visually stunning set pieces and Johnny’s struggles, adding an emotional depth often lacking in superhero films. There’s a lot of potential for an action-packed thriller here.

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4 Jack of hearts

Jack of hearts
Marvel comics

Jack of Hearts, also known as Jonathan Hart, is a character in the Marvel Universe who first appeared in 1976, the son of a scientist who created an energy source called “liquid zero” and a humanoid alien woman of the Contraxi race. He is a tragic figure in The Avengers lore, with a checkered history due to his complete lack of control over his powers. Jack is a kind hearted person who wants to help others. He was an active member of the Avengers, and his death and resurrection kick-started the Marvel Disassembed Era.

With his complex background and power set, Jack would be an interesting and unique hero in a Disney+ movie or series.

3 New Warriors

Marvel_New Warriors
Marvel comics

The New Warriors are basically Marvel’s answers to the Teen Titans. The team of young superheroes first appeared in the pages of Marvel Comics in the early 1990s. It initially consisted of teenage characters who had all recently gained superpowers, including Speedball, Namorita, Firestar, and Night Thrasher. Since their inception, the New Warriors have undergone many lineup changes, but they have always remained a team of young heroes trying to make a difference in the world. The team has always been led by Justice and Speedball, two of the most optimistic characters in the Marvel Universe.

The New Warriors could be popular with a lineup that includes fan favorite characters like Ms. Marvel, The Scarlet Spider, and Nova. And with rumors circulating that Marvel Studios is interested in making a movie about the team, it’s only a matter of time before we see these heroes on the big screen.

2 Beta Ray Bell

Beta Ray Bill in Marvel Comics
Marvel comics

Beta Ray Bill is a beloved Marvel character with a unique look and a cool backstory that would translate well to the big screen. He is an alien warrior worthy enough to wield Thor’s Mjolnir, which gives him power comparable to the God of Thunder. The MCU could expand the cosmic aspect by introducing new alien culture and race. This would make for exciting action scenes and potential crossover opportunities.

Beta Ray Bill’s story explores identity struggles with his aliens and divine heritage. The studio can also explore his journey to prove himself as a hero and earn the respect of other heroes, despite his unfamiliar appearance and culture, which makes the story compelling and inspiring. We already know that Beta Ray is in the MCU since we saw a glimpse of him in the MCU Motorcycle rental. Since Thor is getting a bit of a rest, we might get some Asgardian love with a whole new face.

1 quasar

Marvel comics

Quasar was the first character to assume the mantle of “Marvel Boy” in 1978. He was renamed “Quasar” only a year later. He’s one of Marvel’s most interesting and powerful characters yet to be fully explored in the MCU. Quasar is also known as Wendell Vaughn. He is the wearer of Quantum Bands, which allow him to manipulate energy and create constructs with his mind. This unique power can bring stunning and visually creative action sequences to the big screen. Quasar has a strong connection to the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe, something that Marvel is about to lose with its latest entry in the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy. By setting up Quasar, the MCU can expand and explore the vastness of space even further.


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